Hallo, das bin ich, Carina (a.k.a. MOBYFORTY), Austria based und 40 Jahre alt. Begleite mich auf meiner Work - Life - Balance Reise durch mein Leben und meine 40+ Jahre.

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Generation gap

I really felt old today. Why? Very simple. Up to today I thought I was quite IT fit – until I talked to a very good friend of mine about customizing my blog today (for your better understanding – she’s ten years younger).
So she started talking – and I understood “………………..”, nothing, which means, I didn’t understand anything, not a single word. For the first time ever I felt old.

Then, a few minutes later, another friend of mine called and needed help with her computer. Of course I helped – that’s what friends are for, right. Now my friend felt old and incapable (for your better understanding – she’s ten years older than me).

After a little while, when we had finished the work, we started discussing the obvious generation gap we had encountered and noted the following for ourselves:

It shouldn’t bother us too much because it’s all about learning from each other, passing on knowledge, from the younger to the older and the other way round. We all can learn from each other regardless the age and that can be something very enriching.

So the feeling of being old has (almost) vanished. I am ready for new learning experiences, and this time I am the student. Life long learning, not only in my job, but also in private life.


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