Going analog in a digital world

Now that I have been studying Applied Knowledge Management for about one month I have to make a confession.

Of course I do like working with social media and all kinds of computer programs, I love using all kinds of amenities that the www has to offer, still, when it comes to planning or getting organized myself I cannot cope with any app or program I have got to know so far.

So I remembered my year at the “Leadership Academy” when I started bullet journaling. Bujos helped me to organize my daily tasks, it made me more productive in my job as a principal of a small middle school in Austria. I simply didn’t loose myself in tasks anymore but was focused a lot more when working. But using a bujo didn’t help me a lot when it came to organize my appointments and meetings. So I did a little bit of research and ended buying my first Filofax (personal), which soon was too small in size for my taste.


Hmmm……so I bought one in size A5 and tried to combine my bujo with my appointments, which turned out to be nothing to write home about for me as well. Ok what to do next? One Filofax is great, two even better and a third one never is not to be sneezed at – so I got a pocket sized one (ok I have to admit I simply fell in love with one of the new designs and that was the perfect excuse for the third one ;-).

It turned out that using my bujo for staying focused on my tasks in my job works best. Then I use my Filofax in pocket for organizing my appointments and meetings. My A5 sized Filofax is a mixture between bujo and Filofax, which I use for all kinds of lists (books to read, trackers, grocery lists,…). I also create dividers or inlays myself. The last inlay I made is for my compulsory reading list for college. If you would like to download it feel free to do so by clicking onto the picture below (fair use only – not for sale. Right click the picture and download it – it’s a pdf file).

Of course these are quite a few things to take along with me, using my phone might be the more comfortable thing to do but I simply like the feeling of writing with pen.

Staying analog also gives me the feeling that I can slow down a bit in a world that is changing so fast. And don’t forget the art of a nice handwritten note, which is much more personal than a digital one.

P.S.: And dear professors – if you read this, please do not be mad because this blog post stands up for the analog world – the combination of analog and digital is, in my opinion, the right combination.

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