Playing with light

Long exposure photography is something I really enjoy doing. Playing with light and darkness, experimenting with different kinds of lights like candles, Christmas sparklers, glow sticks or torches with warm and cold light really give interesting results.
During the last week my hubby and I took some long exposure pictures.

1st we went to a local “highway” – well not a lot of cars are using it during the night but we got great results.

Then we went close to a local castle and took a long exposure shot from the rather “unknown site” of it.

Burg Forchtenstein

3rd we were playing around with Christmas sparklers tonight. I have to admit I am really looking forward to the Christmas season.

With a lot of phantasy you can recognize my fist name – but it really takes a lot, a looooooot of phantasy 😀

Next I’ll have to try to light paint with steel wool (if I’m not too scared of it :D).

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