Hallo, das bin ich, Carina (a.k.a. MOBYFORTY), Austria based und 40 Jahre alt. Begleite mich auf meiner Work - Life - Balance Reise durch mein Leben und meine 40+ Jahre.

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Quality time

…with my hubby.

After a long week of work and/or college it’s always a delight to spend some real quality time with my loved ones. What could be better than a wonderful breakfast at home.
When I woke up this morning I could already hear my beloved husband fiddling around with the cutlery in the kitchen, the fridge went open and close and the pugs were running around in excitement. That’s when I got up and went down to the breakfast room , finding my hubby making ham and eggs and setting the table. Just wonderful.
Now that we’ve finished with a long and delicious meal, we listen to music and read.

How I love lazy Sundays!


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