Back to school

Only two days left . . .

. . . then I’m going back to school (ok college) to get my second master’s degree. Why am I doing this? Almost forty years, already earned a master (and a bachelor), I have a good job that is quite demanding and still, I feel the urge to improve myself.

The world around us is changing so fast. Just think back twenty years – I got my first mobile phone then and I was happy to answer and make calls and to send text messages. The phones nowadays are little pieces of technical wonders, almost as good as computers. Not adapting to the changes working in a managerial function is, let me say it that way, “not a good idea”.

I’m really looking forward to my student life, even though it’s going to be two tough years, which need perfect organizational skills from my side as I still have my full-time job. So I’ve already packed my “brain” and other essentials.

I use two Filofaxes to organize my appointments, my laptop is an indispensable essential, I always bring my own refillable water bottle (I try to reduce plastic waste) and last but not least I use my S.T. Dupont pen and biro for handwritten notes. What I’m still missing is a nice jotter – not sure whether to go for a Moleskin or a Leuchtturm1917 (for the first day of college my laptop only will do).

So let’s dive into college life – I will keep you updated.

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