Plastic everywhere

I can remember times, when my mom and I went to the city every Saturday. A highlight of this weekly shopping tour was a trip to an old and cute candy store. For me as a child it was like heaven – candies in all colors and flavors were lined up in order next to each other, spreading an unbelievable odor in the small salesroom.
When one had finally chosen some candy the owners packed them in little paper bags or you could also bring your own glass jars, which they filled then.

Nowadays everything is packed in plastic. Each candy is wrapped individually and then the packaging comes in plastic again. Water bottles – plastic, fruits – packed in plastic, cheese – wrapped in plastic – plastic everywhere.

Some time ago my hubby and I decided to reduce plastic waste in our household. We, for example, do not buy water in plastic bottles anymore, we drink tap water (in the area we are living in the tap water is perfectly fine) and take refillable bottles with us wherever we go. We also try to buy fruits and veggies locally- which also means no plastic packaging.

We know it’s just a little contribution to saving the environment but each tiny step is a step in the right direction to care for our planet.


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