Hallo, das bin ich, Carina (a.k.a. MOBYFORTY), Austria based und 40 Jahre alt. Begleite mich auf meiner Work - Life - Balance Reise durch mein Leben und meine 40+ Jahre.

Meine Lieblingsblogs

The Entertainer

Or…an evening with Rick Rodriguez. I do not smoke cigars very often, still sometimes I take the time to enjoy one. But savoring a cigar takes time. One cannot just…

Quality time

…with my hubby. After a long week of work and/or college it’s always a delight to spend some real quality time with my loved ones. What could be better than…

Netzwerk Praxis

On duty

So it has begun… …I am a student again. Spent my last weekend at college and I have to say, I really liked it  even though I now know that…

Back to school

Only two days left . . . . . . then I’m going back to school (ok college) to get my second master’s degree. Why am I doing this? Almost…

Generation gap

I really felt old today. Why? Very simple. Up to today I thought I was quite IT fit – until I talked to a very good friend of mine about…

It’s a first!

Oh my! My first blog post! It finally happened. So, what can I tell you about me?     MerkenMerken MerkenMerken